Whether it is from a broken pipe, rainstorm, sewer back up, sump pump failure, or a plumbing malfunction, water damage needs immediate action. Within hours, water can warp hardwood floors and paneling, saturate drywall, delaminate carpets, and cause permanent water stains. Odors and the potential for mold growth are some consequences if such situations are not properly addressed.

Interstate Construction, LLC provides 24 hour Emergency Service to ensure proper mitigation and reconstruction.

Equipped with the latest techniques and equipment, our trained and IICRC Certified Technicians will extract the water, remove damaged structures, and implement a drying procedure to help minimize further damages. Specialized drying equipment facilitate with the drying process. We monitor moisture levels with special instruments to ensure proper drying progress till completion.

The reconstruction phase is also included in this process. Interstate Construction, LLC will repair and replace the damaged building materials. We re-inspect all areas affected by the water and recommend the appropriate repairs. Our priority is to get the affected areas back to where they need to be structurally and aesthetically.


“When I first saw what water can do – I cried. I did not know where to turn. I called Andy at Interstate Construction and he told me what they would do. This involved the whole house and everything went like clockwork. A wonderful job done.” - Gloria Parks (Livonia, MI)

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