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For over 25 years, Interstate Construction has provided swift and reliable water damage restoration services to help you recover from unexpected emergencies. Our expert team is equipped to handle all aspects of water damage mitigation, from assessment and extraction to drying and restoration. With our efficient processes and commitment to quality, we’ll work tirelessly to restore your property and minimize disruption to your life or business. Trust Interstate Construction to handle your water damage needs with care and expertise.

We Fix Flooding Fast

Water damage, whether from a burst pipe, heavy rain, sewer backup, sump pump failure, or plumbing issues, demands immediate attention. Within hours, it can wreak havoc, warping hardwood floors, saturating drywall, delaminating carpets, and leaving permanent stains. Neglected, it invites odors and mold growth. Interstate Construction, LLC understands the urgency, offering 24-hour Emergency Service for water mitigation and reconstruction.

Water Damage Contents Restoration

When water damages your property, restoring your belongings is as crucial as rebuilding the structure. Interstate Construction, LLC specializes in restoring items affected by water, ensuring they are returned to their pre-damage condition.

Our expert teams offer a full range of water damage restoration services, including:
– Full pack-out of contents
– Barcode-enabled inventory services
– Climate-controlled storage until your facility is ready
– Complete restoration of items such as:
– Furniture
– Electronics
– Machinery
– Vital records
– Inventories
– Fine art
– Office equipment

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Water Extraction and Drying Processes

Our trained, IICRC Certified Technicians utilize cutting-edge techniques and equipment to extract water, remove damaged structures, and initiate a drying process. Specialized drying equipment expedites this phase, while continuous moisture monitoring ensures thorough drying. Reconstruction is seamlessly integrated, with Interstate Construction, LLC repairing and replacing damaged materials, conducting comprehensive reinspections, and prioritizing structural and aesthetic restoration.

Water Damage Restoration Before & After